Initial Consultation Dialogues
To view the Initial Consultation dialogue videos, click on the associated link below. If you have questions related to viewing the videos please call the By Referral Only Technical Services team at 877-403-8428 7AM - 5PM (Pacific Time).
  1. Who Are You?
    Answer the Unspoken Questions about You and Your Business Background.
  2. We Have Mutual Permission To Reject
    Another unspoken question a potential client has is, What if I don’t want to work with you?
  3. You Have Four Options…1, 2, 3 or me?
    Many potential clients come to you with the question , “What are my options?” This dialogue clarifies exactly what their options are and sets you up for success.
  4. My Purpose
    When you share your purpose, you demonstrate the strength of your resolution to give world-class service to your clients.
  5. What I do for you…
    Communicating precisely what you do for a client is paramount to your success because most potential clients do not realize the range of your skills and how you apply them on their behalf.
  6. How I Do What I Do…
    Another optional dialogue to include in your Initial Consultation answers the question about how you do what you do.
  7. Taxi or Limo – What Makes Me Different
    As the client learns about their options and your purpose, they may wonder about the level of service you’ll provide.
  8. Why I Do What I Do
    Experience shows that people do more business with people who believe in what they do.
  9. Joining My Audio Advocate Reference List/Your Referral Tree
    The Advocate Referrance List dialogue informs your potential clients of the successful transactions with past clients who continue to endorse your services.
  10. Your (Client’s) Ultimate Scenario
    “What’s important about             , to you?

    At this point in the Initial Consultation, you’ve used a variety of dialogues to develop a foundation of trust and comfort between you and the clients.
  11. My Best Advice for You…
    When you have reached a natural stopping point in the Ultimate Scenario dialogue, you’ll be in the best position to offer personalized advice.
  12. My Closing – You have four options…1, 2, 3 or me?
    At the conclusion of your Initial Consultation, you’ll revisit the four options you presented to your client at the beginning of your conversation.